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Church of Santa Corona - Valmarana Chapel

The noble chapel of the Valmarana family (1566) is one of the rare examples of religious architecture by Palladio on dry land. The small building repeats the architectural features of the side chapels of the Church of the Redentore, which they started to build in Venice in 1577 as thanksgiving for the end of the plague. Despite its small size the building is harmonious and well-proportioned; the two small side apses are lit up by their respective windows. The passage from one wall to the other is highlighted by Corinthian columns as cornerstones. The altar, probably from an idea by Palladio and executed by the Albaneses, has two tapering Corinthian columns crowned by a triangular pediment on which is placed the coat of arms of the Counts Valmarana.
UNESCO Monument

Source: taken from "Vicenza, City of Palladio", Vicenza City Council, Cultural and Tourist Council Department
Text approved by the Arts Office of the Diocese of Vicenza

Address: contrà Santa Corona, 2 - tel. 0444 323644 (Tempio di Santa Corona)

Masses: see Church of Santa Corona

Opening times: every day 8.30-12.00 and 14.30-17.30